[Happy Even After] Just Ma

From happyevenafter.com
From happyevenafter.com

Mary Ann Marchadesch writes about what it was like to be raised by a single parent.

The best thing about Ma? She always trusted us. She raised us with a solid set of values that were unfettered by any sort of superstition or cultural shibboleths. She taught us to know right from wrong, black from white from morally grey and trusted that we’d absorbed enough over the years to be able to judge correctly.

She never sugar-coated any bad news, trusting us not to fall apart but instead rise to the occasion and give it a good solid thwack across the nose. She taught us to not be afraid of the world and made us tough enough to deal with its absurdities. She valued our opinion on things that really mattered, and even on things that didn’t. In return, we took the advice she gave, as rare as it was, very seriously.

(Except when it comes to hairdressers. She’s still got a bit of a blind spot there.)

Originally published in the book Happy Even After, 2011.