Urim G. Hernandez

As the Business Development Officer of Puzzled Owl, Urim Hernandez provides extensive human relations and personnel management expertise for clients. He also acts as the institutional center of the partnership, coordinating our various efforts and projects.

Urim has managed different business concerns over the years, covering aspects such as: employee engagement, orientations and recruitment; corporate events implementation; and Compensation & Benefit assessments. In other fields, he has also handled ISP technical support, English tutoring for Koreans, and fiberglass fabrication.

Urim is adaptable and goal-oriented, and always goes the extra mile when it comes to addressing client needs. He has provided business consultancy services that take different contexts into account, and develops comprehensive plans that cover all the bases. If there’s something you need help with in terms of Philippine business technicalities, Urim’s the man to meet.

LinkedIn | Twitter

Can’t figure out  what you need? Ask Urim at urim (at) puzzledowl.com.


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