Mary Ann Marchadesch

An academic by training and a writer and editor by inclination, Mary Ann Marchadesch spent eight years teaching university students to communicate in proper and correct English (and, on occasion, to appreciate English literature more than is socially acceptable) before moving on to greener pastures as a researcher, writer, and book and magazine editor. She has written for several publications, both online and in print, and has worked with both government and the private sector in producing targeted publications for internal stakeholders and the general public.

Mary Ann is extremely detail-oriented, and also possesses excellent organizational and interpersonal skills—skills that serve her well in her position as Managing Partner for Puzzled Owl.

She also, when the mood strikes, bakes the most sinfully dark chocolate fudge known to man. It is quite delicious.

LinkedIn | Twitter

You may contact her at maryann (at) Read her work here.


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