Regina Layug Rosero

Regina Layug Rosero loves stories. A bookworm since childhood, she’s always been fascinated with other worlds, mythical creatures and alternate lives. An insatiable curiosity about lives, people and places in this world has brought her to the most unexpected places: backstage at a fashion show; deep in the bowels of a regional development bank; advocating research and civil dialogue in the midst of debates about reproductive health; marching in Sinulog wearing a Star Wars costume. In most cases she is both writer and project manager: sometimes taking a step back to observe, sometimes stepping in to take charge and get things done. Both skills have served her well in her various professional and civic engagements.

When Regina is not writing or overseeing a project, she’s usually neck-deep in her personal passions: costuming, food, travel, cats. Of course, that all ends up in her writing too. She writes at The Geeky Cat Lady.

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Want to contact Regina? Send an email to regina (at) Read her sample works here.


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