[Homegrown] Let’s Lead Girls Across The Stars

hands-typing-4In March 2014, Homegrown.ph launched a micro-site called Pinay Power, a special project for Women’s Month. Regina Layug Rosero wrote an essay discussing about young girls and their lack of interest in the sciences. Are they not interested or are we assuming they’re not interested? 

Here’s an excerpt:

Where are the women?

Of all the female artists, writers and dancers in the world, who knows how many of them could also have been brilliant mathematicians or expert app developers? Why is it that girls are encouraged to pursue the arts, but we don’t think they might be interested in the sciences? We see so many girls taking music or art lessons, but why aren’t there more girls in those robotics competitions or game dev events? Where are the computer clubs or woodworking classes in girls’ schools? Why aren’t we telling our girls that they can also be programmers, electrical engineers or architects? Why is it normal for guys to be engineers or scientists, but female engineers are still a novelty?


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